The Seize 66 Bar is an alliance between modernity, authenticity and creativity expressed by our essential signature cocktails subtly prepared by our Bartender and which are nothing but an artistic interpretation of flavors and singular aromatic mixtures that make the Seize 66 Bar, an exclusive sensory experience. Escape to a Jazzy and relaxing atmosphere to enjoy an after-work drink or just for a break. The Seize 66 is your place for all moments, ideal for exchanges and sharing over a drink, timeless for an escape from everyday life. You can also taste our wines selection and spirits as well as our delicious tapas to share, which reflect the care taken in each of our dishes within the hotel. The Seize 66 is also the ideal place for single malt and cognac lovers. The Seize 66 Bar is open daily from 8 a.m. to 11 p.m.