Exhibitions & Events

The Dawliz Art & Spa will be the perfect choice for your events, offering you multiple and diverse spaces for meetings, exhibitions and celebrations. Our modular and flexible meeting facilities, whether it be our +3,200 sq. ft. exhibition gallery, our amphitheater that can accommodate up to 250 people or our various meeting rooms, make them easily adaptable for any event you wish to host. Whether you are planning a meeting, a team building event, a seminar or a congress, a press conference, a product launch or a client presentation, an art exhibition, or if you are simply planning a lunch, a dinner and dance, or a gala dinner, we have all the solutions and spaces to satisfy you. We can also organize your choice of an indoor or outdoor wedding, making this special day an unforgettable occasion on the banks of the Bouregreg, a moment forever etched in your memories and those of your cherished guests. You can also take advantage of our wedding night packages for a complete wedding solution, from the ceremony to the next day, so that the magic of the moment lasts forever...

Exhibition Gallery

Entirely renovated in 2017 and with a strong focus on art, the Dawliz Art & Spa will transport you to an artistic universe in perpetual movement, defining its identity even to the point of owning its own art gallery and exhibitions. The Exhibition Gallery is another outstanding example of our hotel’s assertion of its originality. It is specifically designed to showcase and display works of art, whether for temporary or permanent exhibitions, in a pure and authentic decor that soaks up the universe of the artists who exhibit their work there to transmit and convey to each visitor the soul of each painting and each sculpture...

Salon des Congrés (Convention Hall)

  • Height : 5m
  • School : 350
  • U : 200
  • Banquet : 300
  • Area : 470 m²
  • Theater : 400
  • Dinner/Cocktail : 400

Salon Lamrissa (Lamrissa Room)

  • Height : 5.40 m
  • Auditorium : 250
  • Area : 280 m²

Salon Oudaya (Oudaya Room)

  • Height : 3m
  • Area : 170 m²
  • School : 100
  • U : 80
  • Banquet : 130
  • Theater : 170
  • Dinner/Cocktail : 200

Salon Challah (Challah Room)

  • Height : 3m
  • Area : 60 m²
  • School : 40
  • U : 40
  • Banquet : 50
  • Theater : 60
  • Dinner/Cocktail : 80